Thank you for your courage and commitment to your craft of investigative journalism, Mr. Hersh, and welcome to Substack!

If you ever entertain the idea of participating in podcast interviews, it would be my honor and pleasure to spend time discussing and learning from your insights consequent to your decades of dealing with CIA, DoD, Administrative State, corporate media - and in particular any thoughts and insights you may have concerning fifth generation warfare/PsyOps. Robert Malone, MD. MS.

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Thank you for the Nord Stream Pipeline piece. I’ve subscribed to your Substack because it is itrue and thorough journalism, at its finest. And I greatly appreciate your writing style. Thank you again and I look forward to reading more.

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Hello Sy!

Your memoir was very inspiring especially to a 24yo from the South side of Chicago. I hope you reach out to other "long form" journalists such as Matt Taibbi or Aaron Mate so you can join their podcasts or interviews.

You are very much needed these days as people do not read before they write!

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America has at least one courageous journalist. Thank you God. Amen.

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Such relief to see this article today and written by Seymour Hersh. A miracle. I continue to hope that dedicated, intrepid, authentic, accomplished journalists will find outlets for their stories that ultimately expose and halt the latest forms of corruption and world conflict. There are many out there who surely want to speak and need trusted entities to confide their experiences.

Best wishes to you on your Substack venture!

Looking forward to independent journalists on video reaching out to you for interviews. Like Clayton Morris of Redacted. Or the geopolitics duo The Duran who have been covering the Ukraine conflict from the beginning and who frequently aired their doubts that anyone outside of US or UK could have pulled off the Nord Stream destruction.

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I used to enjoy your articles in The New Yorker before liberal journo rendered it unreadable. I've missed you, but never a year goes by that someone I respect mentions you and your great work. THANK YOU!

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Great to see you on Substack !!

PS: Jake Sullivan was a right hand to Hillary Clinton (Libya crime, etc.) under St. Obama and a major player in the Russia-gate fraud. A truly despicable US War party criminal.

PS2: And -- a bit more on St. Obama and his CIA, FBI and NSA executives:

Barack Obama was/is a spook (i.e., CIA operative/spy ), from a spook family, and his political campaigns were financed by spooks… ).

Snowden disclosed the all-encompassing surveillance of US population under St. Obama after Clapper directly lied about it in Senate and to all of us.

In 1965 CIA organized a coup against Indonesia founding president Sukarno by CIA-trained generals. The US considered Sukarno too progressive (he implemented land-reform – same reason for CIA coup in Guatemala which resulted with a genocide of high-land Mayas). CIA installed one of the most murderous military regime (under Suharto dictatorship) on Earth which killed more than two millions ( 2M !!) civilians – the massacres are known as “The Jakarta Method” (see book by Vincent Bevins) used subsequently in Africa (Angola, Mozambique) and throughout Latin and Central America.

What is important here is that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, worked for U.S. government agencies and allied NGOs—the Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation, Development Alternatives Inc., and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—in Indonesia in the 1960s and 1970s as well as later in Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Thailand.

Obama’s mother married Indonesian Lt. Col. Lolo Soetoro; they had a daughter Maya Soetoro when Barack Obama was four. The colonel was from an aristocratic family which lost out in Sukarno’s land reform; the marriage was likely arranged, Obama’s mother may have acted as a female “honeypot” for the CIA whose job was to recruit assets

Obama always lied and claimed that his mother did not know about the countless atrocities that were committed by the Suharto government, which is implausible given her CIA background and the fact that they were much reported on by mainstream newspapers at the time (although mostly favorably by right-wing media). Of significance, Obama underplayed his stepfather Lolo’s army rank in his 2006 book, The Audacity of Hope.

Soetoro went on to become an executive at Mobil Oil and its liaison to Suharto, whose policies Obama’s mother praised. And – Obama became a labor and community “organizer” – while he actually worked for a large corporate foundation.

A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA

By Jeremy Kuzmarov - October 1, 2021 ( Note: Photos themselves are truly fascinating )

A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA - CovertAction Magazine



Barack Obama’s Father Identified as CIA Asset in U.S. Drive to “Recolonize” Africa During Early Days of the Cold War

By Gerald Horne - February 7, 2022



Obama as a “community organizer”. He actually worked for a large corporate foundation.

Obama embraces Tony Rezko, one of his earliest and top fundraisers who was sentenced to ten years in federal prison in 2011 for participating in political kickback schemes. Obama helped Rezko secure more than $14 million in taxpayer subsidies to build low-income housing facilities of poor quality after promoting the privatization of public housing.

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You're the best, you cranky old man! There should be a Seymour Hersh class in every journalism school.

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I’m so glad to see you’ve joined Matt Taibbi and Aaron Mate’ on Substack. Your memoir, Reporter, was an engrossing read. I’d like to ask you to talk to Matt and Aaron (and John Pilger, Stefania Maurizi, Chris Hedges and Nils Melzer) about Julian Assange. Could it be that you have absorbed the more than decade of propaganda against him? You are considered an independent and intrepid reporter by the U.S. government. What role did that play in your banishment by its corporate media lackeys to the London Review of Books? How have those same qualities precipitated the relentless attacks against Julian? Have you read Nils’s book that details the judicial malfeasance in Julian’s case?

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So glad to have you be part of the Substack/Rumble/Sovren/Jimmy Dore, etc., alternative media revolution! The corporate media are deservedly failing, and people who recognize the value of free speech and real journalism are increasingly looking elsewhere for real news and analysis.

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Mr. Hersh, subscribed as soon as I saw you had a substack. I am so excited to read what you will share with us.

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Congrats on your reporting. You may have missed one piece to the puzzle, though. After the event, Norway did not agree to invite Germany to or share with Germany the results of their secret inquiry into the bombing on Nordstream 2. Only some two weeks later or so it was reported that the head of Germany‘s counter-intelligence division was arrested for spying for Russia. All this is on public record.

Hard to believe that 14 days prior to the arrest the top echelons of the Western intelligence community were not aware of what was going on in Germany. Were they afraid that the results and any evidence from the Norwegian inquiry would be leaked to Russia?

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Subscribed! Substack has become the best place for journalism and the community engagement is fantastic. I am so excited to have another great writer to follow...welcome to the community!

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My word! It is grander than grand to have you here. Welcome, kind sir.

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Subscribed! I've been wondering where you were, how to find your work. So great to find you here. I've long since cut mainstream media outlets out of my life, but they still wield so much power, working as they do as handmaidens to the state. "Consuming" MSM is not an easy habit to give up, but with more and more journalists like you accessible outside the Borg, it gets easier. Thank you!

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Sy, you legend!

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